Retirement Planning

Whether you are 10 years, five years, or even just one year out from retirement, it’s important to put together a retirement plan and have regular check-ins with your financial advisor to maximize your retirement income. The financial strategies that worked or are still working for you when actively earning money may not work for you in your retirement years. Partnering with an advisor at Aurelius Family Office as soon as possible in your journey can help you prepare for and make that transition much more seamlessly.

  • Keys to Optimizing Retirement Income
  • Smart savings
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Risk management
  • Successful Retirement Distribution
  • Sustainable spending

Two-Tier Retirement Portfolios

For decades, academics in finance have written volumes on the theory of setting levels of varying risk in retirement investment portfolios, using two, or sometimes three tiers of risk. We have developed a methodology to transmit academic theory into practice; a workable “bucket” strategy. This serves to lower risk where it is most critical; the early stages of retirement, where low volatility and surety of income are so important to many clients. This period also tends to be before our recommended beginning age for optimizing Social Security, at age 70.

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