Tax Planning & Projections

Aurelius Family Office offers proactive tax planning and year-end projections to identify tax-saving opportunities for our clients. Although we do not prepare taxes, forecasting is a crucial component of the planning and preparation process.

Take an Active vs. Reactive Approach to Taxes

Taking a reactive approach to your taxes can leave you with unexpected and avoidable tax liabilities. Tax projections are the key to preparing for those liabilities and mitigating their impact when it comes time to file.

Planning for Your Evolving Tax Situation

While you may think your tax burden remains the same from year to year, this is not always the case. Tax law is constantly evolving, and new legislation on the federal and state level can dramatically change your situation or provide new opportunities to reduce your tax burden. You need a partner by your side to keep a pulse on these updates and advise accordingly.

The advisors at Aurelius Family Office leverage years of experience with a vast range of clients to provide you with complex tax forecasting and planning. Scenario planning allows us to set you up for success no matter your future tax liabilities.

Tax Planning & Projection Capabilities

  • Divorce Tax Assistance and Consulting
  • Married Filing Separately vs. Married Filing Joint Scenario Analysis
  • Children’s Investment Income Tax Consulting
  • Pension Plan Calculations and Consulting
  • Cost Segregation Studies and Consulting
  • Future Year Tax Projections
  • Scenario Planning & Evaluation
  • Roth Conversions & Other Strategies to Reduce Qualified Plan Balances Prior to Distribution Ages
  • Backdoor Roth Funding
  • Tax Planning for Trusts

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