Total Wealth Management

Take a 360 degree approach to your personal finances with strategic financial planning and investment management.

Reach Your Goals with Complete Wealth Management Services

Total Wealth Management - Aurelius Family Office

Financial Planning

Take a 360 degree approach to your personal finances with strategic financial planning.

Investment Management

Devise short- and long-term strategies to optimize your investment portfolio.

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Estate Planning - Total Wealth Management - Aurelius Family Office

Generational Wealth Transfer

Achieve your legacy objectives with thoughtful estate planning.

Big Picture Financial Planning

A financial plan that only considers current assets and investments will not serve you well in the future. We integrate the combined expertise of tax, insurance, and estate planning professionals to create a financial plan that represents the full span of your financial life.

When you partner with Aurelius Family Office for big-picture financial planning, our advisors will help you:

  • Set short- and long-term financial goals
  • Create or finetune your budget
  • Plan for taxes
  • Build up your emergency savings
  • Manage debt repayment and optimize borrowing power
  • Consider insurance options
  • Plan for retirement
  • Explore investment opportunities

Maximize Return, Minimize Risk

Every solid financial plan should consider current stage of life, as well as short- and long-term financial goals. Our investment management strategies are no different. You may be in your prime earning stage and want to maximize your return on investment. Or maybe retirement is just around the corner and you want to focus on mitigating risk and protecting your wealth. No matter your circumstance, our advisors are ready to create a custom strategy that prepares you for the future.

When putting together investment management strategies, our advisors focus on:

  • Preserving capital
  • Maintaining positive cash flow
  • Creating additional revenue streams
  • Building a diversified portfolio
  • Planning for retirement
  • Building secure streams of income during the initial stages of retirement
  • Regular portfolio readjustments/rebalancing

Achieve a Lasting Legacy

As the benefactor of a large estate, it is in your best interest to put a wealth transfer strategy in place now. Financial planning and investment management help you accumulate wealth, but it’s important to also address how you plan to protect, grow and ultimately distribute that wealth in the future.

Whether passing down stocks, bonds, or other investments like real estate and family businesses, our estate planning professionals can help you create a solid plan for generational wealth transfer that will set your family up for success.

Creative Financial Planning Strategies

Aurelius Family Office goes above and beyond to recognize hidden opportunities in unique financial situations. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our collection of sample financial planning stories and strategies.

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